Rough Terrain Crane For Sale in Malaysia

Prominent Heights is one of the most sought-after suppliers of imported mobile cranes in Malaysia. We sell various types and models of terrance cranes, mobile crane equipment, crawler crane units, and city cranes at competitive prices. We also offer used rough terrain crane for rental and maintenance services, including:

  • Used rough terrain crane for sale
  • Crane rental for construction projects
  • Crane repainting & servicing

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Balance is essential when you are working on uneven and unforgiving surfaces. Hence, you need an material handling equipment that can provide stability and lifting power to ensure that materials or goods transport is done splendidly. In this case, you need to invest in a superior used rough terrain for sale.

Prominent Heights is a leader in crane equipment provision in Malaysia that offers efficient lifting solutions to clients and partners. Our mission is to provide our customers with the necessary crane machines and accessories that will help them improve their material handling tasks. Whether you are in need of a rough terrain crane for sale or a 25 ton Tadano crane for your business, we are more than capable to provide you with one.

Complete Range of Mobile & Rough Terrain Crane Equipment in Malaysia

Working in rough terrains can be tricky since you need to consider a number of things, especially with material transport and handling. Prominent Heights offers clients with a comprehensive line of lifting machines that will meet the loading capacity, work performance, and budget.

Our line of rough terrain crane units includes:

  • 20 ton rough terrain crane
  • 25 ton rough terrain crane
  • 30 ton rough terrain crane
  • 35 ton rough terrain crane
  • 50 ton rough terrain crane
  • 60 ton rough terrain crane
  • 80 ton rough terrain crane
  • 100 ton rough terrain crane

And we don’t limit ourselves with just several units and models. We invest in different kinds of crane machines to meet the needs of our clients at every opportunity – from mobile crane units, crawler crane machines, to skylifts.

Dependable Supplier of Top Crane Equipment in Malaysia

Given the importance of material handling to businesses, we ensure that customers are provided with superior equipment to get the job done. Our team of dedicated crane experts will work closely with you to know your requirements and provide you with options so you can pick a crane equipment that will match your needs.

And our job doesn’t stop once we deliver your equipment. Feel free to turn to us for crane repair and maintenance and we will be available to provide you with after-sale service to ensure that integrity of your equipment.

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Do you want to book your portable crane today?

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