Reliable Skylift Rental Machines in Malaysia

Prominent Heights is one of the most sought-after suppliers of imported mobile cranes in Malaysia. We sell various types and models of terrance cranes, mobile crane equipment, crawler crane units, and city cranes at competitive prices. We also offer crane rental and maintenance services, including:

  • Used crane for sale
  • Crane rental for construction projects
  • Crane repainting & servicing

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A skylift or platform lift is a specialized crane equipment that can provide a vertical access and rise when necessary. With this, you can easily and transport materials, equipment, and goods in above the ground. Given the task, it is necessary for contractors and businesses to get the right kind of skylift crane to maximize your productivity on site.

Prominent Heights offers clients and contractors comprehensive crane equipment solutions to resolve their loading and material handling work. Our mission is to help our customers make their field work easier through our products and services. Our skylift rental solutions cover major locations in Malaysia, including Klang Valley, Penang, Puchong, Ampang, Rawang, and more.

Immense Inventory of Lorry & Skylift Rental Units in Klang Valley, Penang & Puchong

Every field operations is unique and so does their material handling aspect. We aim to cater to the specific lifting needs of contractors by offering a wide range of lifting equipment that would match their skylift specification and the rental price they are working with.

We invest in diverse kinds and models of cranes and lifting accessories to meet the needs of our clients – from skylifts, mobile cranes, crawler crane units, public crane equipment and all-terrain and rough terrain cranes. Whether you need vertical access or getting your materials transported from point A to point B, our crane fleet can address your needs.

Experts in Skylift Crane Rental Service in Malaysia

As a leading crane supplier in Malaysia, we don’t just give our clients any kind of lifting equipment. Our team of talented crane specialists ensure that clients will be provided with the right kind of crane machineries and accessories that will provide them the value for their money and superior lifting power.

We will work closely with you to know your requirements and budget and provide options for your project. And we don’t stop there. We ensure that the equipment you purchased or leased will be tested, inspected, and delivered on schedule and ready for your team to use.

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Do you want to book your portable crane today?

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