Dependable All Terrain Crane Rental in Malaysia

Prominent Heights is one of the most sought-after suppliers of imported mobile cranes in Malaysia. We sell various types and models of terrance cranes, mobile crane equipment, crawler crane units, and city cranes at competitive prices. We also offer crane rental and maintenance services, including:

  • Used crane for sale
  • Crane rental for construction projects
  • Crane repainting & servicing

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Project requirements differ all the time and so it the status of the project site. The terrain can go from smooth to rough, so it is imperative that you get an equipment that could very well adjust to your requirements and environment. Thus, an all terrain crane rental would be a perfect fit for this kind of project.

Prominent Heights provides clients and partners with different kinds of lifting equipment that would fit their needs. Our main goal is to help our client to work confidently in any kind of terrain with our equipment and services. Whether you are looking for a mobile crane rental in Selangor or a lorry crane rental in Klang, we are confident that we can provide you with what you need.

Impressive Roster of Mobile & All Terrain Crane Rental in Selangor & Klang

As a leading crane supplier in Malaysia, we make sure that our clients are provided with the right kind of equipment that matches their requirements. Which is why we go the great lengths to ensure that our inventory is stocked with different kinds, brands, and models of lifting equipment from trusted suppliers.

We carry branded crane equipment such as Kato, Tadano, Bronto, and Abba and offers diverse range of lifting machines like lorry cranes, all-terrain crane units, portable cranes, and more. Whatever heavy lifting you require, we will ensure that you got the right kind of equipment that would suit our budget and project needs.

Esteemed Provider of Top-notch Portable Crane in Malaysia

Getting the right equipment is essential to the project’s success. Our team of crane experts will work double time to understand your requirements and provide you with lifting solutions that would fit your project specs. We offer equipment options and flexible prices so you can avail the crane rental you need at a price that is within your means!

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Do you want to book your portable crane today?

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