All Terrain Crane For Sale in Malaysia

Prominent Heights is one of the most sought-after suppliers of imported mobile cranes in Malaysia. We sell various types and models of terrance cranes, mobile crane equipment, crawler crane units, and city cranes at competitive prices. We also offer all terrain crane rental and maintenance services, including:

  • Used all terrain crane for sale
  • Crane rental for construction projects
  • Crane repainting & servicing

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Working on different terrains would mean that you need to invest in different equipment to get the work done. But it can be expensive in terms of purchase and maintenance. In this case, it would be best to get a top-notch all terrain crane for sale that will be able to provide you with the necessary lifting at any surface.

Prominent Heights offers superior crane equipment solutions address whatever lifting and material handling needs your business may have. The core of our business is to provide our clients and partners with reliable crane units and outstanding service delivery so they can meet their business targets. If you are in need of a crawler crane or a 25 ton mobile crane for sale, make the call today!

Comprehensive Line of Crawler & All Terrain Crane Equipment in Malaysia

Although all terrain cranes can work and perform in different surface conditions, you still need to take into account the loading capacity or the amount of load that would meet your field objectives. Prominent Heights’s inventory offers different types and dimensions of all and rough terrain cranes including:
  • 50 ton all terrain crane
  • 55 ton all terrain crane
  • 60 ton all terrain crane
  • 100 ton all terrain crane
  • 80 ton all terrain crane
  • 200 ton all terrain crane
  • 250 ton all terrain crane
  • 300 ton all terrain crane

We also provide a diverse range of lifting equipment such as mobile cranes, crane lorry, skylifts, and more. When you need some lifting power, you can always turn to us for assistance.

Esteemed Crane Rental and For Sale Provider in Malaysia

Being recognized as one of the leading names in crane provision in Malaysia, we always strive to live up to the expectations of our clients and partner by providing superior products and services to our clients. Our team of dedicated experts and staff will ensure that you are given the right kind of crane equipment that matches your needs and budget.

You can also assure that every lifting equipment we provide is safe to use and can provide your with the lifting powers you need to haul and transfer your materials and goods.

Do you want to book your portable crane today?

Do you want to book your portable crane today?

Excel in material handling at any surface!

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